Creating The Perfect Party Atmosphere

  • Invitations can set the tone for a party in advance.med672050
  • As each guest comes through the door, present them with an item for a game or contest later in the evening. This will help set the ambiance right away.
  • Set the furniture in such a way to promote conversation.
  • Opt for no furniture to require guests to stand and talk, or dance.
  • If serving food, use several small tables instead of one long table, or serve everyone sitting on the floor Japanese style, this will help break any stuffy atmosphere.
  • Lighting – dark, soft lights promote intimacy and dancing.
  • A Fire in the fireplace or a bonfire attracts small gatherings as do waterfalls or fountains.
  • Use candles to enhance a theme. Don’t forget about safety, will the air conditioner blow the candles over?
  • Spotlights direct attention to a specific person or things, such as the guest of honor or a huge birthday cake.
  • Special scents can really enhance any room, use boiling potpourri or mint leaves.
  • Make sure the thermostat is set to accomodate a room full of warm bodies.