This is Your Life

This Is Your Life

The preparations for this game take quite a bit of planning, but the results are truly memorable.

this is your life

Materials Needed

  1. Cassette recorder and blank tape
  2. Black construction paper and white poster board
  3. Notebook
  4. Pen
  5. Playing Time: l hour

How to Play

  1. Choose the lucky guest of honor for your party.
  2. Find out which friends and relatives the guest hasn’t seen for a while, such as a grandparent, cousin, old neighbor, friend from college, former coworker, and so on.
  3. Invite the selected friends and relatives to come to the party early, before the guest of honor arrives.
  4. Cut out silhouettes of their profiles from black paper and mount them on white poster board.
  5. Tape record their voices as they recall a fond or funny memory.
  6. Keep the guests hidden until everyone else has arrived.
  7. Read a brief and mysterious introduction to the first surprise guest. Display the silhouette, then play the tape recorded message.
  8. Have the guest of honor try to guess who the mystery guest is.
  9. Bring out the mystery guest for a surprise reunion.
  10. Continue with the next mystery guest.
  11. Variation: If the mystery guests live far away and can’t come to the party, call them and record their voices over the telephone.