Host a Roast

Throw A Birthday Roast

Roast a favorite friend over a roaring hot litany of words, but keep it all in fun! You don’t want to burn anyone; just heat his or her pins up a bit.


  1. Index cardshostaroast
  2. Pens, 1 for each guest
  3. Large table with podium for speaker

How to Play

  1. Have the guest of honor to come a half- hour after everyone else.
  2. To make him/her stand out, ask him or her to wear something formal, while asking everyone else to dress casual, such as a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.
  3. Set up a table with a podium.
  4. When the gang arrives, give them index cards and pens, and ask them to write some funny lines about the special guest. Encourage them to tell embarrassing anecdotes and silly stories, but make them humorous, not mean spirited.
  5. When the guest of honor arrives, seat all the guests at the table, with the guest of honor in the hot seat next to the podium.
  6. Begin by having one of the guests make a speech.
  7. Continue until all the guests have roasted the special guest.
  8. Give the guest of honor a chance to rebut each speaker.

Variation: Ask the guests to come prepared with a speech, or take turns sitting in the hot seat.

The Invitations  

Want to send out cool invitations? Here are three fun and easy ways to go. When you’re ready, photocopy as many invites as you need on to good colorful paper stock.

  1. Photocopy the guest of honor’s birth certificate. Blank out the details, and add your party details instead.
  2. Photocopy the front page of a newspaper from the day and year the guest of honor was born. Cut out one of the articles, and substitute your party announcement.
  3. Photocopy the guest of honor’s baby picture, and write your party details below the image. You can also have reprints made of the baby picture, and mount it on a folded piece of bright tag board. Write your party details inside.Don’t forget to include all the details. That means date, time, place, occasion, theme, attire and RSVP info.