Host a Movie Charade Party

Host a Movie Charade Party

It’s not just for Oscar night. Throw a Movie Charade party for six or more people any time.

Before the party, write actor names (like “Jim Carrey”), simple movie lines (“To infinity and beyond,” for instance), movie titles (maybe “American Beauty”) or movie songs (such as “You’ll be in My Heart”) on slips of paper. Fold the papers up and place them in a hat, bowl or other container.

At game time, divide the guests into two teams and seat them across from one another. Show the various pantomime signs used in Charades:

  • open hands signify a book titlemoviecam
  • a cranking motion (for a pretend camera) signifies a movie title
  • waving a hand before an open mouth signifies a song title
  • cupping a hand behind an ear means “sounds like”
  • holding up one finger means “first word” of the saying (two fingers, second word, and so on)
  • one finger inside the elbow means “first syllable”
  • a beckoning motion tells the audience they’re close to the right answer
  • a pushing away motion tells them they’re off base
  • touching the nose indicates a correct response
  • (Make a chart before the game showing the signals so there won’t be any confusion.)Have someone from the first teampick out a slip of paper and silently read the title or phrase.

Give him/her one to three minutes, depending on the group’s ability, to stand up before the group and communicate the information to his/her teammates without speaking. (The other team may watch the action, too.)

clapThen let a player from the second team choose a slip of paper and communicate the information to her team, while everyone watches.

Continue to trade off turns. Record the time it takes each team to get the right answers.

After everyone has had a chance to play performer, the team with the least total amount of time wins the game.

Give the winning team small awards.

Rent an Academy-Award-winning video to watch after you have awarded the best Charaders.

Definitely make bags of popcorn for each guest to munch on. Set up a table with soda, hot dogs, nachos, candy bars and licorice for the true culinary cinema experience.